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Your opinion is important to us.  Please feel free to submit comments about any story appearing in our newspaper or anything happening in our community.  We reserve the right to delete any comment from the forum, and will block members from commenting if necessary. No slanderous, libelous or malicious entries will be tolerated.


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: John CarrereSubmitted: 9/6/2009
Love your new on-line format and appreciate your coverage of the closing of Glenn-Martin Drugstore. What a loss to the community! I have fond childhood memories of visiting the soda fountian for a coke. I also remember that on Saturdays the downtown area was alive with farmers who came in to buy their weekly supplies. The bench in front of the drugstore was a favorite gathering spot for these hardworking farmers to wile away the time while their wives shopped at Progressives and Whites. Keep up the small town reporting you do so well! John Carrere Bayboro, NC

Submitted By: Submitted: 9/6/2009
Really like the new web site and e-edition. You're on the cutting edge. Your readers and advertisers should appreciate the effort you bring to delivering the best in local news and advertising. Great job!

Submitted By: Submitted: 9/29/2009
I like this website better now that it has a place to upload pictures and comments. Good work!

Submitted By: Tammy MayerSubmitted: 10/5/2009
I think you should follow the Messenger format more. Your paper covers more on Princeton and other places and things outside of Mt. Olive, that make no difference to the community of Mt. Olive. All this paper is is a bunch of advertisement!

Submitted By: stuartkornegaySubmitted: 10/11/2009
as the athletic-director for rosewood little eagles. id like too thank alex farrell, and the town of mt olive! it was a very proud day for mt-olive and im glad rosewood was there! great job!! mt-olive! we had a great time!

Submitted By: Stuart KornegaySubmitted: 12/29/2009
what the Duplin County Board of Education did (consolidation) was sneaky and a fist in the face of the voters of Duplin County!... as our state and USA go back too what works in education...small(community) schools.. these morons go back to failed liberal ideas from the 60s! way to go Duplin County Board of Education???....Shame on you!

Submitted By: Gray GeddieSubmitted: 2/3/2010
I thoroughly enjoy your on line edition, particularly the 50 Year Old Attic section. I grew up in Mt. Olive and am at the age where the 50 year old information is becoming relevant. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Gray

Submitted By: Terry MalpassSubmitted: 2/5/2010
Thank you Tribune for your coverage of the Duplin BOE. I was at the meeting Monday night (Feb 1) and your reporting covered what really went on. Don't stop! Dig deeper!

Submitted By: ruth worrell/former Tribune employeeSubmitted: 2/12/2010
on numerous occassions, i have called John Cate and ask to get a few articles covered in the Tribune and he doesn't seem to care. He isn't from Mount olive and he certainly doesn't give the impression that he cares. Our mount olive readers want local news and apparently, he doesn't make an effort to be a part of mount olive and that hurts the Tribune. Barry, you do contribute local information and thats what mount olive people wants. If you run a local photo, name the people in the photo, that is important to the ones in the photo. I know it takes time to get the names, but, its needed.The Mount Olive Messenger has local news stories and thats what your mount olive readers want. After being employed for 31 years at the Mount Olive Tribune, i see things that are newsworthy and John Cate isn't making the time to do the stories.Thank you, Barry Merrill, Publisher.

Submitted By: ElpeeSubmitted: 4/9/2010
Do you think that you will ever post archives from your early days? Those of us who don't live in North Carolina and are looking for old family info would love to have access to these old stories and advertisements.

Submitted By: Chris CarterSubmitted: 5/4/2010
What do we need to do to get the ball rolling on getting the old Tribunes on microfilm? The Wayne County Public library only has two reels from the 1950's. I would gladly donate my time to raising money for this endeavor, if need be. We need to have the complete run of the Tribune accessible to future generations. Its like a complete history of the town of Mt. Olive!

Submitted By: Chris CarterSubmitted: 6/13/2010
I visited the Mt. Olive museum today over on Main St. and found it to be very nicely done. Speaking with the gentleman that tends the museum made me realize that I'm not the only one who is concerned about getting the Mt. Olive Tribune on microfilm. Until the physical bound copies of this newspaper are committed to microfilm, the history of an entire town is vunerable to fire, or any other natural disaster that may occur. These old newspapers must be put to microfilm so that future generations can enjoy the Tribune and the town's historic legacy.

Submitted By: Temus SmithSubmitted: 7/26/2010
This is the first time that I have glanced at the online edition. I no longer live in the area as I married a local girl and we left town about 35 years ago. We visit occasionally to see family that still live in the area and was amazed that in the past 40 years, Mount Olive's population has changed very little, although the town itself has changed dramatically.

Submitted By: Donald KornegaySubmitted: 10/26/2010

I would like to know why is it that this paper pick and chose and tell stories the way it wants to and not reveal all the truth. It is like the mayor chose to say the town made some mistakes on it budget. But is no quoted why and who brought this to the attention of the mayor and the city counsel. The truth needs to be told

Editor's note: We simply reported the pertinent facts as they were. We didn't pick and choose anything.

Submitted By: ruth worrellSubmitted: 5/10/2011
thanks for having my granddaughters, kasey and ivey worrell in your Tribune house ad. Your Pickle Festival Section looked great. Lots of time and hard work makes this a good section to read. After seeing my granddaughters photos, i renewed my subscription, i still enjoy reading your articles.After working for the Tribune for 31 years, i want to support the Mount Olive Tribune, a big part of my life was working for the Tribune and its still a part of my life.

Submitted By: LINDA HARVINSubmitted: 6/6/2011
JUNE 6,2011 Hello, my parents are from Mount Olive and I love to read up on whats going on so that I can keep them up to date on what's going on there. They Moved to Baltimore, Md over 60 years ago but there hearts are still there. Keep the online info going. Love to hear more about Mount Olive. p.s- Love that barbecue at Grady's Thanks Linda Harvin Baltimore, Md.

Submitted By: stuart a kornegaySubmitted: 7/14/2011
i would like too thank dr. sandra mccullen and dr. steve taylor and the majority of the wayne county school board for the hard work for the children of wayne county n.c. its a shame that people as mr. best and mr. flowers would play ego games against the parents and children of our county. seems our kids are a little more mature than these two.

Submitted By: Kathy BestSubmitted: 8/26/2011
I received the Mount Olive Tribune for many years and enjoyed it. I have children who attend MOMS and SWHS. I felt that the activities and sporting events were not covered as much as other areas. It seemed that Duplin County received more coverage than Mount Olive. I would like to see more articles and pictures of SWHS and MOM covered.

Submitted By: allen nicholsSubmitted: 9/22/2011
Thanks for the excellent coverage of Spring Creek High School and our athletic teams.

Submitted By: Ilikta SkrachmebotemSubmitted: 10/5/2011
I just can't believe how many people voted against the protesters on the tax increase

Submitted By: stuart kornegaySubmitted: 3/23/2012
im a proud subsciber too the princeton paper and i live in the rosewood area. i have seen over 20 years the hard work berry and his staff have put into local news. i have read the mt olive paper since i was little and i do alot of work in the area and have family. the old tribune was boring and myself and others were tired of the same old liberal democrat rant!.. the new tribune has done a outstanding job! and i will subcribe from rosewood! the 2 who work for the big paper were overpaid and are drama queens and shame on them!!

Submitted By: stuartSubmitted: 3/31/2012
barrys aplogy was not in need. truth hurts! but the past staff were living on the gravy train for many years and this paper is 3 times better than the old typical liberal mt olive paper .

Submitted By: liloleladiSubmitted: 6/11/2012
Just read some of the "Public Forums". Graduated from Mt. Olive High School over 50 years ago. I was amazed at the incorrect grammar in them. A grammar/spell check button might help these writers a great deal. Smart ideas look smarted with correct grammar.

Submitted By: Boomerang TransportSubmitted: 8/1/2012
The website looks great and this public forum is a great option.

Submitted By: Angela FaisonSubmitted: 5/19/2013
Hi John and Barry and ladies, I have been reading a lot of information on blogs about the state of current political affairs and find what is going on the White House, abroad and even locally quite alarming. Issues pertaining to the IRS targeting of conservative-sounding groups (and individual doners), 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, the Muslim Brotherhood vs. Al'Qiada and the arms and money trails from the US, attacks on faith in the schools, ie. separation of church and state and what it really means, the trial of a NC abortion clinic doctor, immigration, proposed fair(er) tax, toll road proposals, Benghazi and Fast & Furious (arms deals, not the movie!), the UN's role in world order, the Affordable Care Act and medical records privacy, the stock market, gold and future of the dollar, voter ID laws and enforcement, the job market and how it has affected local citizens, Boston Bombing and the Saudi man that was questioned, but let go, the burial of the Boston Bomber and where is hi

Submitted By: dot petersonSubmitted: 1/3/2015
We are searching for Cecil ART Jackson who once lived in Interlachen, Florida back around 1983-88. Can anyone out there help us find him. He is around 69-71 years of age. Would appreciate any feedback. Most inportant to find him. Pilgrim or 386-659-2497 Florahome, Florida

Submitted By: Anthony HinesSubmitted: 2/4/2015
I like the online format of the newspaper. Finally, small town America has joined the digital age. :-)

Submitted By: wl clarkSubmitted: 7/3/2015
just subscribed to the tribune. my ancestors from around there. KORNEGAY 1711 they landed in NC. Indians killed all but one.

Submitted By: Duplin County Beekeepers AssociationSubmitted: 8/9/2015
The Duplin County Beekeepers Association would like to express our sincere appreciation to the editor and staff at the Mount Olive Tribune for their gracious support in helping the Duplin Farmers Market and our bee organization get the word out for the Aug 22 event. Both organizations are working together to increase awareness of local agricultural initiatives and the fresh produce grown in our county. On behalf of our farmers, beekeepers and Farmers' Market organizers, we "Thank the Tribune" for such outstanding support.

Submitted By: Joe HatchSubmitted: 3/29/2017
I thought that surely there would have been a sidewalk placed along Henderson Street with the soccer field construction, but I find that has not been the case. Should I be surprised that an institution whose mission is educating young adults is only interested in molding minds such that the education received is successful only if the results are an ability to regurgitate rote facts. I know that it will come a shock to most people, however, animals are born with legs as a form of locomotion, and that continued use of such extremities during adulthood is essential for good health. If the health of students & staff were a concern. then creating an environment that promotes exercise in a safe manner would be visibly apparent. Suggesting that people walk in streets is unsafe, and promotes a drive every where lifestyle that is unhealthy.

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